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Place of work

Wednesday 27th May 2020, 1.05pm (day 3,198)

Rocking chair, 27/5/20

Even under conditions of normality I was due an unexciting week at home, whatever the weather. It’s Marking Season.

But a day spent sat in an attic, on a rocking chair covered in a white shawl, while the sun beats down outside? Bugger me. Didn’t middle age come on fast.

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Where I spent the day

Tuesday 18th March 2014, 7.15pm (day 936)

Rocking chair, 18/3/14

Sometimes it is still possible to spend the working day sat in a comfy chair in a wood-paneled (well, sort of) study, reviewing the manuscript of a book. Counts as work for me anyway — it’s my book — but doesn’t lend itself to very exciting photography.

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