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Clare peruses the world

Friday 2nd August 2019, 1.55pm (day 2,899)

Clare and the world, 2/8/19

Another bit of travelling begins. First stop, London. Clare peruses possible future destinations in an exhbition at the British Library. This is her 99th appearance on the blog, incidentally.

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Where I’m going next year

Wednesday 9th July 2014, 5.30pm (day 1,049)

Kilimanjaro map, 9/7/14

After yesterday’s fun with the elephants, spent the day working in Nairobi and had very little chance to get a decent photo of anything.

But I did buy this map, and for a reason. Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in the world that one can just walk up (as opposed to needing specialist mountaineering skills) and I’ve already paid a deposit to do exactly that, on an organised trek, around this time next year. So if I’m still blogging then — and I hopefully will be — here’s an advance notice of what to expect…. Isn’t this a great-looking map? Let’s hope the reality matches the anticipation.

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The last two red pins

Wednesday 2nd January 2013, 8.25pm (day 496)

Last 2 red pins, 2/1/13

This is my other project.

Up to the day I started this blog, 26/8/11, I had climbed 130 of the 214 ‘Wainwright’ fells in the English Lake District, having started on 19th July 2009. As of today, 2/1/13, I have climbed 212 of them. The last two – Lonscale Fell and Latrigg – are represented by the last two remaining red pins in my board, pictured here. And tonight I booked a room in Keswick for this coming Friday night, so by Saturday 5th at the latest they will have fallen and I will have done the lot. (Compare this to the other time the pinboard appeared on the blog.)

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My Lake District pinboard

Monday 9th April 2012, 12.50pm (day 228)

Lakes pinboard, 9/4/12

Day spent mainly re-stocking shelves in the newly decorated bedroom, so not much to document. The pinboard which helps me keep track of the Lake District fells I still have to climb has not yet found a place in the new room, but that at least enabled me to see it from a different angle today. What you see here is a slice through the southern part of the district. Red pins are those fells in the 214 which I haven’t climbed yet. (I could tell you what the other colours mean, but then I’d have to kill you.) I’m getting itchy to go again but the weather’s terrible at the moment.

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