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Clare, Joe and insects

Saturday 18th July 2015, 8.10pm (day 1,423)

Clare and Joe, 18/7/15

Walking home after a barbecue at a friend’s house. I like this photo partly because of the way the sunset light has caught the clouds of insects accompanying us on our journey, but also because when Clare saw this on the camera she went “bloody hell, he’s as tall as I am”. Which is true, now she comes to mention it.

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Bluebells and insects

Friday 31st May 2013, 2.30pm (day 645)

Bluebells and insects, 31/5/13

Three days of photos back home in HB and they’ve all had a floral theme; which is certainly pervasive as a theme, round here at the moment. There is more going on in this picture than you might at first think, however: this was taken into a cloud of insects, several of which are lit up in the sunlight to the top right of the shot.

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