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Crosby beach

Sunday 15th April 2018, 3.20pm (day 2,425)

Ice cream van, Crosby, 15/4/18

Optimism in the face of bleakness. These are the qualities that have kept the British seaside going for many generations now.

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Ice cream queue

Tuesday 19th July 2016, 2.50pm (day 1,790)

Ice cream queue, 19/7/16

I had a more artistic photo to potentially use today but if I wanted to epitomise the day then this was the one. The sun comes out, the thermometer rises, and a hundred members of Manchester staff and students queued up at the single ice cream van that had the nous to make an appearance on campus.

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Hot in the city

Wednesday 1st July 2015, 12.40pm (day 1,406)

Hot in the city, 1/7/15

For me there’s something kind of suburban or small-town about ice cream vans, so it’s nice to find one in the centre of one of the biggest cities in Europe. Good idea today though, it was very hot and humid in London, and indeed elsewhere today.

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Wednesday 8th April 2015, 6.55pm (day 1,322)

Neapolitan, 8/4/15

Those who know their ice-cream, know why.

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