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Before the match

Tuesday 15th August 2017, 7.20pm (day 2,182)

At the Three Pigeons, 15/8/17

“Come to the football, son,” he said. “All the glamour and excitement of FC Halifax Town v Dover Athletic, playing out before your eyes. That’ll be better than a night on those silly video games, won’t it?”

I hope they both stayed until the end, anyway. 0-0 after 86 minutes: final score 2-1 to Dover. Enjoyable in the end but perhaps not for Halifax Town fans.

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Seat, Halifax town centre

Wednesday 6th July 2016, 3.25pm (day 1,777)

Halifax seat, 6/7/16

Let us at least try to bring some smiles into the world. Yes, I do know what these objects are…. do you?

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Old St. Paul’s church, King Cross, Halifax

Saturday 19th July 2014, 10.25am (day 1,059)

Old St. Paul's church, 19/7/14

Two otherwise rock-solid photo opportunities were snatched away from me today by poor weather. My first plan was to do a walk in the Lakes, and even after that was cancelled due to forecast thunderstorms, a 5K run in Halifax which Clare and Joe had planned was also postponed for ‘safety reasons’ (e.g. it would have been a bit wet). Wet it was, so I fell back on this random architectural curiosity, a church that seems to have misplaced most of itself. I assumed as the result of WW2 bombing but apparently it has been like this even longer, since a fire destroyed most of it in 1930. Hardly the best photo I’ve taken — I manage to make it look even wonkier than it already is — but it’ll do.

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Arriving for training

Friday 4th April 2014, 9.15am (day 953)

At the Shay, 4/4/14

Happened to be passing The Shay this morning, home of Halifax’s two professional sports teams, Halifax Town AFC and Halifax RLFC. Which one of the two this guy plays for I do not know, but I assume it was one or the other, what with his carrying a sports bag and all.

Incidentally, today constitutes a ‘photowhack’ — akin to a Googlewhack, in which one and only one result is obtained from a Google search, a photowhack is a day on which I get a totally acceptable Photo of the Day with the first, last and only photo I take on the day. This has happened only 2 or 3 times in all the days I have done the blog, but today was one. As soon as I got this pic I knew it would be the one.

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Post box vigil

Friday 23rd August 2013, 8.30am (day 729)

Post box vigil, 23/8/13

I dunno, you note a few weeks back that you’ve never depicted a post box on the blog before and then another one turns up. This lady seemed pretty keen this morning to not leave the vicinity of this post box. As with the abandoned wheelchair yesterday… what little stories do we potentially miss, in everyday life, all around us.

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Car boot sale, Halifax

Sunday 4th August 2013, 7.05am (day 710)

Car boot sale, 4/8/13

What makes this post somewhat exceptional in the general scheme of things is not so much its aesthetics but the time of its taking. I mean…. on a Sunday? And this place was packed at that time. We’d gone down to offload a bunch of Joe’s old toys, but nearly couldn’t get a plot despite getting up at 4.45am and arriving there an hour later at most. And at 6am people were turning up demanding to know whether we had any PS3 games. Blimey. Free-market capitalism, eh. I guess it works at this local scale.

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Before the ‘Race for Life’, Halifax

Sunday 21st July 2013, 9.25am (day 696)

Race for Life, 21/7/13

Clare was one of approximately 1,600 women running this race today, the majority in the regulation pink, raising money to fight all kinds of cancer. I don’t normally do advertising on the blog but this time I feel obliged to mention that you can sponsor her (and by implication, the 1,599 other women running today, including the ones I have pictured) at http://www.raceforlifesponsorme.org/the-railway. Every little helps…

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The Modeller

Sunday 23rd September 2012, 1.45pm (day 395)

The modeller, 23/9/12

The Boy can still be enthused by models of worlds with trains in them, all lorded over by men of a certain age with, presumably, a slight God complex. But I do admire the skill that goes into their creation and some of them really are very fine miniatures. However, I got more interested today in taking photos of the people (almost, but not quite, exclusively male); this one was the best, I thought, mainly because he had good lighting. They all had this look of intense concentration, however.

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Joe, spaceship pilot

Saturday 7th January 2012, 3.00pm (day 135)

Joe in Eureka, 7/1/12

Eureka! (and don’t forget that exclamation mark) is a kind of kid-oriented, interactive mini-science museum in Halifax, just down the road. It overcharges you for entry and then feels guilty, so turns your ticket into an ‘annual pass’. But I suppose there are enough things to keep someone like Joe busy on more than one visit and he is, after all, the target audience. Me, I just take photos these days.

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