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Keeping it cool

Monday 6th June 2022, 8.40am (day 3,938)

Cyrogenics, 6/6/22

Whatever it takes to make two-dimensional snowflakes of carbon, the National Graphene Institute sure seems to need to keep things cold. Deliveries of liquid nitrogen are a regular sight on my walking route onto campus.

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Making lunch

Tuesday 15th January 2019, 12.50pm (day 2,700)

Making lunch, 15/1/19

As this blog extends ever onward — day 2,700 today — and I remain committed to not repeating myself, the semi-mythical, but still plausible, Day When There Will Be Nothing To Photograph draws ever closer. And when that Day arrives, it’ll be one like today — spent entirely in the house marking, with only greyness outside so not even the full-quality house view to distract.

It did cross my mind though, as I made lunch, that, “Hmmm: I have never before tried photographing the gas element on the grill as it is working”. So here you are. As well as my typically elaborate cheese-on-toast arrangement.

But that’s it. I’ve now done the grill. What will happen next time there is a day like this? It could be as early as Thursday…

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Man in hole

Monday 25th September 2017, 2.05pm (day 2,223)

Man in hole, 25/9/17

We’re all working away in a hole one way or another. Question is, I guess, can we make the most of our time in there?

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The liquid nitrogen arrives

Thursday 14th September 2017, 8.05am (day 2,212)

Nitrogen delivery, 14/9/17

However you make ‘miracle substance’ graphene, or go about making it into things once you’ve got it, you clearly need a lot of liquid nitrogen to do it with…. Early morning delivery here at the National Graphene Institute, from the big tanker out of shot to the right. And yes, I was on campus by just after 8am. How keen of me.

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Self-portrait in kitchen

Sunday 8th January 2012, 3.35pm (day 136)

Kitchen selfie, 8/1/12

I am on there, you just might have to look for me for a couple of seconds.

The contents of the saucepan eventually became a very nice plum & blackcurrant sorbet, by the way.

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