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Dice master

Sunday 29th July 2018, 7.35pm (day 2,530)

Joe, D&D, 29/7/18

On the wettest day for months, and trapped in the house, Joe initiates his parents into bizarre Dice Man-style games of chance, in which the family fortune teeters on the edge of a d20. The wine is Clare’s.

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Mario Bros. (and mushroom)

Saturday 2nd April 2016, 11.25am (day 1,682)

Mario brothers, 2/4/16

Why? Because reasons, as Joe would say. And this was definitely his kind of event.

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Reliving it

Friday 30th December 2015, 2.35pm (day 1,588)

Playing Galaxian, 30/12/15

We could mock this guy for reliving the glories of his youth, but seeing as just after this I punched the air and shouted ‘Yes! High Score!’ after beating all-comers at Asteroids, I have no leg to stand on. Pictured at the National Media Museum, Bradford, this afternoon’s entertainment.

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Joe blows stuff up

Monday 21st December 2015, noon (day 1,579)

Joe in his room, 21/12/15

Joe has two weeks off school. I think it’s fair enough that he can spend the first weekday of this break lying around on his bed doing what it says on the door. One and a half more days of work for me and then I will gladly join in.

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Board games festival

Saturday 29th August 2015, 4.55pm (day 1,465)

Meepfest, 29/8/15

Anyone who has documented every day of their lives online for more than four years cannot but be at least part-geek, so things like festivals of board games appeal to me, and I wasn’t even the member of the family who initiated this trip to “MeepFest” in Leeds today. (No, it wasn’t Joe either.) Great setting, a church in Leeds now converted to an arts centre. Good fun gaming, too.

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