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Passing through London

Monday 5th February 2018, 12.15pm (day 2,356)

King's Cross escalator, 5/2/18

London is the fourth most-often depicted place on this blog and it is true I spend a decent amount of time there. But a good number of its appearances are when I’ve just been passing through. Today started in Brighton — it ended in the Oxfordshire countryside (of which more tomorrow one way or another). But to get between those places by public transport: London sits there, sucking you in like a black hole.

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On the escalator

Friday 11th December 2015, 12.05pm (day 1,569)

Escalator, 11/12/15

Specifically, the one connecting the vast conference space at the Celtic Manor with the equally vast lobby and vast spread of guest rooms. Did I mention it was a vast place?

I over-exposed this one when I took it, but then I just ran with it, there are some nice shapes and lines here. I like the way his legs have almost disappeared.

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Escalator, University precinct

Tuesday 7th October 2014, 9.50am (day 1,139)

Escalator, 7/10/14

Yesterday’s pic prefigured a day of truly foul weather, the worst in months. After trudging down — and later, back up — Oxford Road in the rain it was a relief to get inside, even if it was to the university’s mostly empty and sterile shopping precinct. Anything was preferable.

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