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Mount Coot-tha woods

Thursday 11th April 2013, 11.35am (day 595)

Mt Coot-tha woods, 11/4/13

Clare and Joe’s last full day in Australia before the end of their break here, so let’s feature them on today’s picture. Taken with the old Fujifilm camera with which I took the first 366 photos on this blog: it still takes a decent shot but the zoom is half-dead so I do need to repair the other one.

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Flower with water droplets, Tropical House

Saturday 16th March 2013, 10.55am (day 569)

Flower and water droplets, 16/3/13

Taken in the Tropical House of Brisbane’s other Botanical Gardens, on the slopes of Mount Coot-tha. Seems a little unnecessary to go to the expense of building a Tropical House in a place that is, at worst, sub-tropical, but what do I know. There were two other candidates for today’s photo, one of a giant lizard (but I did that theme on Thursday) and one which could well have just been an excuse to take a pic of a blonde in a short skirt, so let’s go with this more ideologically-sound option.

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