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Tuesday 4th December 2018, 1.05pm (day 2,658)

Skeddadle, 4/12/18

Unconnected to any other aspect of my life, I briefly encountered this gorgeous creature today. We flirted. I raised the camera. He grinned… look, you can see him grinning… the shot was taken, we parted ways. Skedaddle is his name, it seems — for how he moves when placed on a smooth wooden floor, and faced with the cats who also live in his house.

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Getting a close-up

Thursday 14th March 2013, 12.20pm (day 567)

Lady and lizards, 14/3/13

Lunchtime in the Botanical Gardens, Brisbane, and this lady snaps a close-up of two squabbling water dragons while a third tries to sneak round the back without being noticed.

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