Cragg Vale’s bunting, at dawn

Monday 7th July 2014, 3.45am (day 1,047)

Cragg Vale bunting, 7/7/14

To mark the passing of the Tour de France, pictured yesterday of course, the people of Cragg Vale, a valley to the east of Hebden Bridge, created the world’s longest-ever line of bunting — 12,115 meters, or over seven miles, with nearly 60,000 flags (see this page for the details). It ran up the longest continuous uphill gradient in England, which the cyclists ascended after leaving Hebden Bridge yesterday.

And why the hell was I there at 3.45 in the morning? Well, off on another work trip — you’ll see where tomorrow. What I’ve also done is definitely break the record for the earliest ever morning shot on this blog. There have been three before at around 1.00-1.45am but all of them were from me having stayed up from the night before. Today’s was definitely the earliest shot at which I’ve had to respond somehow to an alarm call.

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