Tromsø harbour

Tuesday 7th March 2017, 5.15pm (day 2,021)

Tromsø harbour, 7/3/17

Tromsø is the world’s northernmost city, with 75,000 inhabitants, give or take, and has many of the world’s northernmost something-or-others, such as its northernmost professional football team, cathedral, mosque, Burger King and (the reason why I am here) university. At around 69º 40′ N it is comfortably the northernmost place I have ever been (though as I’m going on a tour tomorrow that will probably be beaten). This view over the harbour takes in the Ishavskatedral — the pointy thing to the left, in the background — and the mountain of Tromsdalstind, lit by the setting sun. Nice place…. I saw the Northern Lights tonight as well but no chance of capturing a photo of it, maybe next time though.

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One thought on “Tromsø harbour

  1. […] picture was taken from near the summit of Tromsdalstinden, which is the mountain visible in the shot of the city that I took on my first visit in March: an obvious destination for a hike, and an obvious day on […]

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