Sunday 8th March 2015, 1.55pm (day 1,291)

Mathilda, 8/3/15

I’ve known various feline flirts in my time but Mathilda is up there with the best of them, and — sat in the same place as last time — she thus becomes only the fourth animal to definitely appear more than once on this blog. How do I know she is called Mathilda? She told me.

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2 thoughts on “Mathilda

  1. […] the third cat in a row to feature on this blog where I’ve known its name, after Harry and Mathilda, the last two CCSs (Cheap Cat […]

  2. […] do indeed depict the same bird). She looks annoyed at the neglect, and that at some point since her last appearance, her collar has gone. And she’s got a bit greyer, but then again haven’t we […]

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