Humph the Hebden Heron

Wednesday 25th May 2016, 8.25am (day 1,735)

Humph the heron, 25/5/16

On a grey day spent entirely working at home it’s always helpful for the photography when one of the local herons turns up in the Hebden Water just below my house. They are not particularly willing models — this one saw me a few seconds after I got this shot and flew off — perhaps that explains why it looks a bit rueful here, its neck tucked in, shoulders hunched. That’s why I’m calling it “Humph”, I can imagine that coming out of its mouth in a speech bubble.

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3 thoughts on “Humph the Hebden Heron

  1. […] but I suppose there’s a better than even chance that this is the same bird as appeared on 25/5/16 and 17/2/16 — look at the earlier shots for yourself and see what you think. The markings are […]

  2. […] that has (possibly) had a few appearances on this blog over the last 18 months — including this one for instance. Comparing the photos I think this one may be a different, and younger, one. To me it looks a bit […]

  3. […] demands to be only the third animal to definitively make the blog three times (though Humph the heron has a case to have beaten her to it, if the various pictures do indeed depict the same bird). She […]

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