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Work going on, ground floor

Tuesday 26th July 2022, 12.30pm (day 3,988)

EWB stairwell, 26/7/22

Summer at uni, a time to get renovations done to buildings (like the Ellen Wilkinson) which sorely need it. A scaffold and a red tool box set off the view from up on the third floor landing. It would be nice if I was on a proper summer break by now, but not yet: ten days to go.

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Stairwell, Ellen Wilkinson Building

Tuesday 23rd September 2014, 4.05pm (day 1,125)

Stairwell, 23//9/14

An abstract perspective on a familiar spot.

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Stairwell, Academy of National Economy

Thursday 6th December 2012, 1.50pm (day 469)

Stairwell, ANE, 6/12/12

Not an inspiring day in any way but this shot isn’t bad. I like the red of the carpet and the enigmatic figure in the background framed by the near-monochrome of the stairwell itself. (The white balance could do with attention, however.) The ANE is the host of my hosts, the Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences, and incidentally is one of the largest higher education institutions in Europe, ranked by number of students.

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Stairwell, the Hotel Rica

Wednesday 18th January 2012, 6.30pm (day 146)

Stairwell, Hotel Rica, 18/1/12

Couldn’t decide whether to make some comments about the blandness of (most) hotels or just leave this shot alone. OK, OK, I’ll leave it alone.

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