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Closed to preserve public health

Tuesday 12th May 2020, 12.15pm (day 3,183)

Closed gym, 12/5/20

One could say it’s a paradox that we have chosen to help sustain the good health of the public by closing pretty much all the facilities which exist to help one stay healthy. But it’s not a paradox — it’s simply evidence of how bollixed up everything is at the moment.

Another photowhack — they are coming (relatively) thick and fast under lockdown. I like the random arrangement of rectangles, but perhaps I am reaching.

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Joe (St Pauli top)

Sunday 3rd January 2016, 10.50am (day 1,592)

Joe in gym, 3/1/16

Joe was born in March 2003, meaning that very soon I will be starting on my first and, assuredly, last experience of being the father of a teenager. He looks ready for it; no idea if I am. At least his St Pauli top (two years and five months old – evidence here) still fits. This was a photowhack — the only picture I took today.

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School gym during building works

Saturday 17th March 2012, 10.05am (day 205)

School gym, 17/3/12

A group of volunteers are renovating a room at Joe’s school and using the gym as a workspace. Happened to pop in today (was bringing food), hence this shot. It’s got nothing to do with Ireland, in case you were wondering.

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