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The last keynote

Thursday 27th September 2018, 10.00am (day 2,590)

Speaker's shadow, 27/9/18

The idea for this shot came to me as I was listening to the last keynote speaker at the conference, and for me the last event of it, as I headed for Oulu airport straight after it had finished. It was a bugger to get all things in focus though, and when I managed it, he wasn’t quite doing the interesting things with his hands that he was on other shots: so they look a bit like a big lump here. Still, this is basically the shot that I was trying to capture.

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Big point

Wednesday 2nd May 2018, 11.10am (day 2,442)

REF seminar, 2/5/18

Although the photos don’t reflect this I have spent all the working week in Manchester thus far. Today’s fun was one of those events which someone else decided was terribly important. No offence to John, this speaker, who did a good job (and here makes his BIG point) but the detached look on the faces of one or two of my colleagues probably reflected my own, all things considered.

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Sean, on my new phone

Tuesday 6th December 2016, 3.40pm (day 1,930)

Sean, on camera, 6/12/16

There is a short version and a long version of how this picture ended up the way it did. The short version is, I was being creative, and the long version is too boring to worry about. Anyway here is our lunchtime seminar speaker, Sean, pictured on my new smartphone, in turn pictured on my usual camera. I like the collage effect of how this one has turned out.

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Speaker at the cinema

Thursday 21st May 2015, 8.15pm (day 1,365)

Speaker cinema, 21/5/15

Went to the cinema tonight to see a superb film, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly — if you’ve never seen it I highly recommend it. It was being shown as a charity fundraiser, which meant we were obliged to listen to the speeches beforehand, hence this picture. But I am being unfair — it was for a good cause. And did I say it was a very good movie?

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