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Signs of life

Tuesday 23rd June 2020, 11.45am (day 3,225)

Pencils at RTQ, 23/6/20

Three months ago, as lockdown started, I presented a picture from inside the private tutoring service from which Clare rents her room in town. Today when I went in, there were, for the first time since then, signs of life; these pencils laid out on a desk, a hand sanitising station at the front door, etc. I welcome these greatly, as I did today’s announcements from the Government announcing the easing of lockdown from the 4th July. There was a shocking negativity about this from some quarters if you ask me, but that has nothing to do with pencils.

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Sean, on my new phone

Tuesday 6th December 2016, 3.40pm (day 1,930)

Sean, on camera, 6/12/16

There is a short version and a long version of how this picture ended up the way it did. The short version is, I was being creative, and the long version is too boring to worry about. Anyway here is our lunchtime seminar speaker, Sean, pictured on my new smartphone, in turn pictured on my usual camera. I like the collage effect of how this one has turned out.

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