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In the garden

Monday 6th June 2016, 7.30pm (day 1,747)

Garden foliage, 6/6/16

The sun is shining, it was a beautiful day. In such circumstances it’s great to have the garden to hang out in on an evening. Although I suspect this foliage is a weed — raspberry probably, which seems to grow everywhere except where you actually want it to.

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Winter flowering heather

Tuesday 8th March 2016, 4.05pm (day 1,657)

Winter flowering heather, 8/3/16

After the beauty and interest and light of yesterday, today was a very dull day in all respects. Lucky this bush has bloomed in the garden to give the otherwise drab day some colour. If I was gardener enough, I would say I planted it deliberately in order to play this role every March, but nothing in the garden has been done with that much forethought, I can assure you.

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Baby chillies

Saturday 30th August 2014, 1.40pm (day 1,101)

Baby habaneros, 30/8/14

This house plant is being carefully tended at present. With luck and attention these little buds should each become chilli peppers strong enough to have its seeds come with warnings regarding the desirability of industrial strength rubber gloves when handling. Bring them on.

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