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Up in Old Town

Wednesday 28th February 2018, 2.00pm (day 2,379)

Old Town snow, 28/2/18

OK, so, we have had a bit of snow. This is Old Town, above Hebden Bridge, but most of the place looks like this at the moment. Things were functional round here but I was glad I didn’t have to schlep into Manchester…. no, those pleasures await me tomorrow, unless I can find a reason to avoid it.

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Maggie rolls in the snow

Sunday 18th January 2015, 10.30am (day 1,242)

Maggie snow, 18/1/15

A stupendous morning. With our house guests (see yesterday) having brought Maggie the labrador I took the opportunity to make the most of it. I never quite got a version of this shot that was fully what I wanted but this is near enough.

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On the way to Old Town

Sunday 28th December 2014, 12.15pm (day 1,221)

In the snow, 28/12/14

I have on occasion been known to describe snow as the devil’s mange, but also must admit that the 90 minutes I spent out in it this morning, under clear blue skies, was probably the most beautiful experience of 2014 thus far. These are the moments worth waiting for in life.

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