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Conference welcome desk, Friday afternoon

Friday 3rd April 2015, 2.20pm (day 1,317)

Welcome desk, 3/4/15

Staffing the ‘welcome desk’ halfway through the last day of the conference is not the most exciting job in the world, I am sure.

Last day in California — it’s been an interesting and enjoyable week. Can I take the weather home, please?

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Clare at breakfast

Sunday 27th October 2013, 9.15am (day 794)

Clare at breakfast, 27/10/13

We had gone out last night to celebrate Clare’s birthday and stayed over in Leeds. I was inspired by great light in the hotel breakfast room but C. did the ‘no pictures!’ thing, perhaps not feeling as if she was looking at her best after the night before.

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The Pelirocco hotel, Brighton

Sunday 11th March 2012, 9.15am (day 199)

Hotel Pelirocco, 11/3/12

It’s about time this place appeared on the blog. I probably visit Brighton about three or four times a year, and always stay here. If you want double glazing, thermostat-controlled air conditioning, bidets and trouser presses in your room, stay somewhere else. If these things don’t matter to you and you’re in Brighton: then I highly recommend it.

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