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The breakfast room

Wednesday 29th July 2020, 8.35am (day 3,261)

Breakfast room, Brook House, 29/7/20

The sun deigned to make a brief appearance this morning, shining on the chairs of the breakfast room at our hotel. Though it was the last chance to see it on our trip to Eskdale, as we were back in Hebden by lunchtime. But even if the weather has been somewhat dubious, how good was it to have got away for a while.

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Late dinner (but still light)

Sunday 30th March 2014, 7.30pm (day 948)

Dinner, 30/3/14

No real chance for much more than a domestic scene today. The notable thing about this one was that as the clocks went forward last night, it was still light at 7.30 this evening. The world turns…

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