University of Otago campus, Dunedin

Monday 18th February 2013, 11.30am (day 543)

Otago campus, 18/2/13


The city of Dunedin is dominated by this institution, the oldest university in New Zealand I believe (and pronounced o-TAH-go, not o-TAY-go). I spend a lot of my life on university campuses and can authoritatively state that this is a particularly fine example of the genre.

Incidentally I just about tolerate the car that has sneaked into this shot. I bet you can count on the fingers of one hand the number of cars that have appeared on this blog. I think virtually nothing ruins an otherwise pleasing shot more than there being a car in it. With the exception of vintage ones, they’re all identical, ugly, boring and vastly over-rated machines. OK, rant over.

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One thought on “University of Otago campus, Dunedin

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