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Port operations

Friday 22nd September 2017, 11.00am (day 2,220)

St Malo port, 22/9/17

I did have a sea view from my hotel room in St. Malo. Kind of.

Last day in France. Despite the hassles getting here, it was a good trip.

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Sunset splash

Thursday 21st September 2017, 7.45pm (day 2,219)

St Malo sunset, 21/9/17

Told you the sea came in…. the fort out there is the spot from where I took yesterday’s photo, at low tide. At high tide, and high winds…. wear waterproofs while walking along the sea front at St. Malo.

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St. Malo

Wednesday 20th September 2017, 2.40pm (day 2,218)

St Malo, 20/9/17

St Malo is on the northern coast of France, close to where the coast of Brittany takes a turn to the north and becomes Normandy. The old town is behind a complete ring of 17th century fortifications built to defend against the nasty English and Dutch. The tidal range here is extensive, some 45 feet between high tide and low; the broad beach you see here is completely covered by several feet of water twice a day.

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Sat at the back

Friday 29th May 2015, 9.55am (day 1,373)

Sat at the back, 29/5/15

We are all paying attention, honest. Not an exciting photo (with due respect to the people in it) but I should somehow depict the conference which actually got me to Paris. Last day here, a mixed break, to put it mildly, but life goes on. It’s certainly a fine city, undeniably a world centre.

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Bistro ‘Aux Marches du Palais’, lunchtime

Thursday 28th May 2015, 1.40pm (day 1,372)

Parisian bistro, 28/5/15

Going a bit out on a limb with this shot because it’s out of focus, but I think it captures quite well the atmosphere of this totally unreconstructed bistro which we stumbled across at lunchtime. Food, wine, this is why I came to Paris… (well, OK, I came for a conference, but y’know).

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Admiring the view from Montmartre

Wednesday 27th May 2015, 11.35am (day 1,371)

Montmartre, 27/5/15

So as you might have gathered from yesterday’s post (I said, don’t ask), we have been in Paris for a few days. France becomes the 22nd different country to feature on the blog. Not a new country or place for me, but it’s been a while (2003 was the last visit to France and around 2000, I forget exactly, to Paris). We were staying near Montmartre, a good place to amble around on a warm sunny day and enjoy the view over the city from the steps below the Sacre-Coeur, as these people (and several hundred others) are doing.

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Lost property office, Gare du Nord

Tuesday 26th May 2015, 6.50pm (day 1,370)

Lost property office, 26/5/15

Welcome to Paris. Don’t even ask.

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