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Sinclair’s, Manchester

Thursday 24th January 2019, 3.30pm (day 2,709)

Sinclairs, 24/1/19

This is Sinclair’s Oyster Bar — oldest pub in Manchester, and also one of the most no-nonsense. Which is not to say it’s rough, because it’s not. But you get the drinks you’re given and you pay cash, and don’t expect plates of radicchio on the side. Best pub for Victoria station anyway — I know not only exactly how long it takes to walk from here, but how long it takes to specific platforms.

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Three blokes walked into a bar

Wednesday 12th April 2017, 6.50pm (day 2,057)

Oyster bar, 12/4/17

Something tells me these three have been drinking buddies for a long time. They are all consuming their pints at the same speed, note.

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Sinclar’s Oyster Bar, Saturday afternoon

Saturday 16th November, 2013, 4.45pm (day 814)

Sinclairs Oyster bar, 16/11/13

The half-timbered structure in the rear is Sinclair’s Oyster Bar, probably the oldest extant pub in the city of Manchester, even if it has moved a couple of times. The lights in the foreground are reflected in the perspex fencing that keeps the Mitre Bar — where we were — from its more venerable and also cheaper rival.

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