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Barbican Gallery

Friday 22nd June 2018, 3.50pm (day 2,493)

Barbican gallery, 22/6/18

My week’s work is done — time for the weekend, which started when Clare arrived to join me in London in the afternoon and I took her to see this exhibition in the Barbican. I saw one of the world’s most famous photos today — Migrant Mother — you’ll know it when you see it. But we weren’t allowed to take photos of that nor the other photos from Dorothea Lange who documented the Great Depression in the USA and the internment of Japanese-Americans in WW2, many photos from these collections were shown today and very interesting it was too.

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Not my art

Tuesday 19th June 2018, 10.30am (day 2,490)

Barbican Banksy, 19/6/18

I’m sure, however, that Banksy would approve of someone else reusing his artwork in a project of their own: just as here he has used someone else’s in his. Or so it appears. I like Banksy — but then again, who wouldn’t.

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Into the Unknown

Saturday 1st July 2017, 1.20pm (day 2,137)

Into the Unknown, 1/7/17

The Saturday afternoon of this weekend in London was spent at the Barbican centre, where at the moment, among other things, there is a superb exhibition of sci-fi paraphernalia, films, art and so on. If you are a geek and are anywhere near London, you really do have to go and see this — John Hurt’s space suit from Alien, Leonard Nimoy’s from Star Trek The Motion Picture (Spock’s space suit!!), the original screenplay from 2001, storyboards from many movies including Dune and Star Wars… and those were just my personal highlights. Go! I don’t know what movie these two were enjoying but I like the image, the face, the shadows.

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Resident of the Barbican estate

Wednesday 23rd March 2016, 11.40am (day 1,672)

The Barbican estate is home to about 4,000 people and is a huge complex in the City of London. When it was finished in the 1970s it was often decried as a brutalist architectural monstrosity. Actually I kind of liked it, I bet it’s a pretty decent place to live, with a lake and garden within its walls and generally a rather peaceful feel. Something tells me the guy seen here has been there for a lot of the last forty years.

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