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The emptiness of the January library

Monday 7th January 2019, 10.45am (day 2,692)

Library PCs, 7/1/19

Campus is nice when it’s like this, and there’s no one about. Doubtless this photo and the general level of lassitude around Manchester at the moment will be taken by neoliberals as evidence of our heroic lack of efficiency blah blah, but it’s at times like this that you actually get the work done.

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Jonny, e-learning guy

Thursday 5th July 2018, 11.05am (day 2,506)

E-learning Jonny, 5/7/18
Jonny handles e-learning technology for our little band of teachers. I am happy with this portrait of him, man in his context and all that. Though aren’t desktops starting to look rather retro these days? All those wires. How 1990s.

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My students try out the Raspberry Pi

Monday 1st December 2014, 2.50pm (day 1,194)

Raspberry Pi class, 1/12/14

The Raspberry Pi is a small computer which one can buy for £25 and is targeted at kids who can use it to learn programming. That’s it visible bottom right of centre, with all the wires connecting it up to the keyboard and monitor so you can see what you are doing on it — Mandy and Sarah Jane here were using it to compose a version of ‘Jingle Bells’ as it happens. It’s nice to get a shot of people being this engaged in a class…

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In the library foyer

Tuesday 8th January 2013, 11.50am (day 502)

Uni library, 8/1/13

If it wasn’t for that flash of green on the shot (behind the girl’s head) this one would be perfect…

Incidentally if all goes according to plan I am only going to be on the Manchester campus three more days until mid-June – tomorrow, Thursday and next Thursday. Travelling awaits…

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