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Loyd and Ellie

Saturday 25th April 2015, 1.20pm (day 1,339)

Loyd and Ellie, 25/4/15

A happy Christening day to Ellie (Eleanor Mary) who becomes the youngest person to appear on the blog twice (after this shot last January). Father Loyd last appeared on his wedding day, so you see, they’re doing it all in the order they’re supposed to.

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Casper awaits his baptism

Sunday 9th February 2014, 11.05am (day 899)

Casper, 9/2/14

A bit blurred, I know, but I like it anyway, and seeing as Casper’s christening was the main event of the day, I should pick a shot directly related to it. He is the son of my cousin David, pictured here holding him, and his wife Emily (to right). Well done to them all, and a nice day was had.

I can never remember though, does this make Casper my second cousin? Or first cousin once removed? I pass.

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