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Kalamata olives (and meeple)

Sunday 24th May 2020, 3.45pm (day 3,195)

Kalamata olive, 24/5/20

Lockdown notwithstanding, I live in a middle class enclave, so the olives are still flowing. I am middle class enough to say, ‘thankfully’.

In the background, a meeple from today’s Sunday afternoon distraction, Carcassonne; I like the two star-shapes complementing each other.

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Late Christmas message

Saturday 29th December 2012, 3.20pm (day 492)

Olive jar, 29/12/12

Made our way to the in-laws’ today and thus received a second tranche of Christmas presents, including this jar of olives (I like receiving foodstuffs for Christmas, and they definitely get used to their full potential); the message at the top of the green label is definitely worth sharing. The one at the top has a kind of sinister subliminality to it though.

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