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Green and blonde

Tuesday 9th March 2021, 2.10pm (day 3,484)

Green and blonde, 9/3/21

Went into Manchester, which has busied slightly, though this ‘rejoining the world’ thing is such a long and painful process. Anyway, no political point intended with this shot today, I just like the image, though once again I have focused on the background rather than the subject, with a very long zoom, hence the graininess.

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String section

Friday 30th May 2014, 10.55pm (day 1,009)

String section, 30/5/14

Second gig in a week, and there’ll be another one tomorrow. Unlike last Sunday’s arena event this was in the more intimate surroundings of the Trades Club, Hebden Bridge. And more mellow. Though not necessarily better.

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Stairwell, Ellen Wilkinson Building

Tuesday 14th January 2014, 2.00pm (day 873)

Stairwell, Ellen Wilkinson, 14/1/14

Snapped for no other reason than I liked the image. There is no deeper agenda. Another pleasantly sunny winter’s day in Manchester.

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Having dinner outside Whitelocks

Thursday 8th August 2013, 7.15pm (day 714)

Whitelocks, 8/8/13

You saw Whitelocks not so long ago but, well, here it is again. The channellng of the sun down the alley to hit the blonde hair was too nice to resist. This was the prelude to a long weekend away, which I’ve just returned from, so there’s some catching up to do.

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