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Abstract, at the Learning Commons

Tuesday 5th November 2019, 2.00pm (day 2,994)

Learningcommons abstract, 5/11/19

First day on campus in 10. I just like this one as an abstract. Maybe I should make that a separate category for posts on the blog.

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Clouds over the library

Tuesday 11th August 2015, 11.50am (day 1,447)

Clouds over library, 11/8/15

First day in Manchester for a while. Ominous clouds, but they passed over without molesting us. I like this shot — trips to deepest Africa notwithstanding, one of my favourite ones for a while.

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Learning Commons building

Monday 10th February 2013, 3.55pm (day 900)

Learning Commons, 10/2/14

To mark day 900 of the blog let’s return to this common theme — Well-Lit Moments on the Manchester University Campus. And as it is a round number day, I’ve got round to updating the Best of the Rest and Stats pages, if you are interested (though I admit I do these mainly for myself…).

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Studying outside the Learning Commons

Tuesday 12th November 2013, 2.55pm (day 810)

Studying outside, 12/11/13Coat and thermos flask notwithstanding, the fact one can be doing this in Manchester in mid-November is a sign that we continue to have plenty of mild weather. The more insane newspapers in the UK seem convinced that the storm that has hit the Philippines will somehow leap two oceans and half a world and, specifically, hit middle-class districts of the UK in the next few days, but there’s no evidence of this. (There never is very much evidence for anything included in the insane newspapers.)

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Working on the new ‘Learning Commons’

Tuesday 3rd July 2012, 3.45pm (day 313)

Learning commons, 3/7/12

Today was a dull day in every respect. The grey skies and rain are now a permanent feature of existence. Back in Manchester for the first time in 10 days but I spent most of it in my office, which isn’t a particularly great photographic subject (which is why there have been, to date, precisely no photos of it on this blog). This is the university’s new ‘learning commons’, due to open in time for the next academic year, and doubtless full of all sorts of exciting new devices that someone has decided will ‘enhance the learning experience’. Not that they ever asked any of the academics around Manchester who specialise in educational technology their opinion as to how it should be built. I know this, because I am one of them. I am sure it will be just perfect.

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