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Jetty jumping, Glenelg

Saturday 9th February 2013, 2.20pm (day 534)

Jetty jumping, 9/2/13


What is it with Antipodeans and their urge to fling themselves off high places? Don’t expect any bungee jumping action shots from me on my upcoming trip to New Zealand, either. Glenelg is one of Adelaide’s beach suburbs, very busy today but it does have great sand so one can see why. Last day in South Australia, back to Brisbane – briefly – tomorrow.

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Monday morning workspace, Adelaide

Monday 4th February 2013, 9.40am (day 529)

Adelaide workspace, 4/2/13


A fairly normal Monday of work for me, not at all eventful or particularly uplifting, but at least the office space was more attractive and al fresco than it could have been.

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Stairs down to South Port beach

Sunday 3rd February 2013, 3.55pm (day 528)

South Port beach, 3/2/13


Well, I’m sure it’s very spiritually fulfilling to spend February Sundays all huddled up around a good fire but this year, frankly, give me this kind of thing. This is the stairway down to the beautiful – and mostly empty – South Port beach, at the mouth of the Onkaparinga river just south of Adelaide. Visited the vineyards of the McLaren Vale today and then drove back (or was driven back, by my excellent hostess Caroline) along the side of the Southern Ocean, and enjoyed the whole thing.

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Pigeons at the South Australia Museum, Adelaide

Saturday 2nd February 2013, 3.45pm (day 527)

Pigeons, SA museum, 2/2/13


Translocated myself (via Qantas) to Adelaide this morning. My original plans were to spend this week checking out the Queensland coast but Cyclone Oswald put paid to that, so here I am in South Australia instead. It feels very different – not sub-tropical like Brisbane is, but more Mediterranean, much less humid, and with these big wide boulevards and low-key, but attractive, architecture. But then again it was a 3-hour flight, and a 3-hour flight from Manchester gets me to (say) Corfu, so I suppose it’s no surprise that the environment has altered somewhat.

More evidence of this – we are back with pigeons (as opposed to ibises) as the bird-pest of choice. This huge flock of them were wheeling on and off the cornices of the South Australia Museum this afternoon, as I came out, having done the tourist bit.

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