The patient angler

Sunday 2nd September 2012, 11.25am (day 374)

Heron, 2/9/12

When I was  in the Lousiana swamp a few weeks back I saw alligators – we definitely don’t have them in Yorkshire. Cypresses and wolf spiders, spotted on the tour, are also not usually seen round here. But when the guide pointed out a sleek, tall drink of water of a bird with a beak like a dagger, a fish’s worst nightmare – oh yeah, we have them in Yorkshire. Really? Yes, really. Herons often fish in the river that runs through the centre of town. And here is one, just to prove it. Handsome beast, isn’t it?

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One thought on “The patient angler

  1. […] the S-shape of its neck is just beautiful. It’s the second heron to appear on the blog and the first one was beautiful […]

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