Calrec Audio (as the cover of ‘Physical Graffiti’)

Friday 30th December 2011, 4.20pm (day 127)

Calrec Audio, 30/12/11

This has not been an active couple of days. I have spent almost all of both of them at home working. Fortunately I have yet to exhaust the photographic possibilities in the immediate area. This is the factory across the street (see also 5th September, for instance), looking to me like the cover of Led Zeppelin’s finest moment(s), the Physical Graffiti album. But perhaps it’s been a long year, not to mention 33 hours in the house on my own not talking to anyone, and I am starting to hallucinate.

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2 thoughts on “Calrec Audio (as the cover of ‘Physical Graffiti’)

  1. […] This was my best effort – the entrance to the car park of the factory below our house (you’ve seen it before). I kinda like it because for once, the spurts of flare on the image can mostly be disguised. Share […]

  2. […] new extension being built below our house by the owners of the Nutclough Mill, a building you have seen several times before but which will be irrevocably changed by this project. Is this a good thing? Ask us when it’s […]

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