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Sunday 4th October 2015, 2.05pm (day 1,501)

Coverdale, 4/10/15

It is nearly 24 years since I turned up one evening in Yorkshire (10th October 1991) on the assumption it would be another temporary stay. I’m still there. There are reasons for this.

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Ingleborough from the Hawes-Ingleton road

Tuesday 26th August 2014, 11.25am (day 1,097)

Ingleborough, 26/8/14

So what to do, and which picture to pick, to mark my birthday, and the point at which the title of this blog is now three years out of date? I’m off work this week so hired a car and took the family up to the Yorkshire Dales, a place which used to play a big part in my life but since 26/8/11 has failed to feature in it. I lived full-time in the Dales national park from October 1991 until September 1994 (and some part-time living after that); in summer 1994, 20 years ago now, I worked in a pub in Chapel-le-Dale, which is about two miles down the road from this point, beneath the western slope of that gorgeous lump of rock you see ahead of you, Ingleborough. A nice trip back to mark this particular anniversary. Happy 45th birthday to me and welcome to the fourth year of this blog.

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