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Winter flowering cherry

Wednesday 11th November 2020, 12 noon (day 3,366)

Winter flowering cherry, 11/11/20

There is nothing going on at the moment. AT ALL. Pointing the camera at flowers is about all that is available. The winter flowering cherry, as a species, makes at least its second appearance on the blog. If nothing else continues to not happen, it might be back soon enough.

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Winter blossom

Tuesday 10th December 2019, 3.05pm (day 3,029)

Winter blossom, 10/12/19

Today was one of those grim December days where it never seems to get light at all. Ragged and shadowed though it is, this winter flowering cherry blossoms at this time each year in its little courtyard under this fire escape, and does its best to lighten the gloom.

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Apple blossom (in December)

Wednesday 18th December 2013, 11.25am (day 846)

Apple blossom, 18/12/13

Maybe I have seen apple blossom flowering in north-west England, in December, before. But if I have, I didn’t photograph it. Well, there you go. It’s been mild…

(POSTSCRIPT: my mother, fount of knowledge on all things botanical, suggests this is probably a winter flowering cherry. So there you go. It’s still been very mild, however.)

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