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The River Wharfe, at Wetherby

Sunday 25th August 2013, 1.10pm (day 731)

River Wharfe, 25/8/13

Still in Wetherby – the wedding celebrations lasted all weekend. The Wharfe is one of England’s most beautiful rivers from its spectacular course through the Yorkshire Dales, in Wharfedale, and right on down to here. Eventually, like most rivers in the region, it enters the North Sea through the Humber estuary.

You might also have noticed that it’s day 731. 731 = 366 + 365. Which means this brings to an end the second full year of this blog, one photograph posted every day since 26th August 2011. I did say at one point I would stop here, but I’m inclined to keep it all going for now. See you tomorrow. I will also add another top 10 at some point soon, of my favourite photos from the second year.

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Reindeer run, Bramham Park, near Wetherby

Sunday 4th December 2011, 11.10am (day 101)

Reindeer run, 4/12/11

So called because all contestants were supposed to go round in a pair of novelty antlers and a flashing red nose. Except that anyone taking it remotely seriously, like these two guys (who finished 3rd and 4th I believe), ditched the accessories before they even started: though the guy in front does appear to still have the nose strapped to his forehead. Maybe it’s even still flashing.

It was damn cold today. And muddy. I know I am in no position to criticise, having spent Friday 3,000 feet up in the first snowdrifts of the winter, but you’ve got to be pretty dedicated to have run round 10km on this rather fierce December Sunday morning. Joe & I said ‘sod it’ after about 15 minutes and waited it out in the car. It was the wife (and assorted in-laws) who took the plaudits today.

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