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Arrival home (MAN T2)

Saturday 30th November 2019, 6.30am (day 3,019)

Arrivals tube, 30/11/19

Flying reduces one to a platelet in a bloodstream, being pushed through a number of tin pipes and artificially-lit domains, with little sense of the outside world passing, particularly on a night flight at this time of year. I left Salatiga just after taking yesterday’s shot, so about 11.30am Indonesian time on Friday, and this shot depicts my arrival in Manchester on Saturday morning, having seen only darkness for about 18 hours since leaving Jakarta. The journey went well, though…. at least until I got to Manchester Victoria and Northern Rail took over. But that’s another (unending) story.

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Carlton Street

Friday 12th May 2017, 6.35pm (day 2,087)

Carlton Street, 12/5/17

Carlton Street in Hebden Bridge, named for Carlton Chambers, the building with the clock tower, and distinguished by the walkway connecting it with the premises over the road, long unused except as a vantage point for pigeons to dump on the heads of pedestrians below.

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Travelling again: at Manchester Airport

Tuesday 17th January 2012, 8.25am (day 145)

Manchester Airport, 17/1/12

Back from the Lakes yesterday afternoon – and off again today, to Bergen once more.

Yesterday I walked through Skiddaw Forest and talked to no one and had a really good time, felt at peace, part of a natural environment. Today I flew first to Copenhagen then to Bergen and talked to no one and felt isolated, cut off from the world, shuttled through the antiseptic and artificial world of the business traveller. I’m sat now in an anonymous hotel with anonymous food in my belly and while I’m looking forward to, tomorrow, getting on with the next instalment of my work here, today has just been dead time.

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