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“For your safety and convenience…”

Tuesday 10th February 2015, 9.15am (day 1,265)

Ticket barriers, 10/2/15

“…we are installing automated ticket barriers at Manchester Victoria station. They’re not working yet, but when they are, we’re confident that all you regular station users will agree they will improve the ambience and flow of the early morning rush-hour no end. Hands up those of you who believe that. Anyone? Any takers?”

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Ticket barrier, Leeds station

Saturday 25th August 2012, 2.30pm (day 366)

Ticket barriers, 25/8/12

A mundane subject to mark the end of the first year of this blog, perhaps: but it’s all been an attempt to just capture a life, and here I am in Leeds tonight, celebrating my birthday tomorrow with a night out. These gates just grabbed my attention as we came in this afternoon on the train.

I’ve posted what I think are the top 10 pictures from the first year; also some statistics, feel free to browse and comment. But I’ll be back tomorrow…

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