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Taxi home, such fun

Thursday 7th November 2019, 4.20pm (day 2,996)

Rochdale taxi, 7/11/19

After it became apparent, around lunchtime, that flooding was going to cause some, er, interesting wrinkles in my journey home, I headed back early — and it still took me over three hours to get home from uni, whereas the normal itinerary is about an hour and twenty minutes. The major obstacle was the need to get a taxi from Rochdale, way over the tops, thanks to the direct road and rail links from Todmorden to Hebden being under several feet of water, apparently. Photographically, I did my best — the red spattered throughout this shot seems somehow symbolic. But I could have done without it.

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Late night taxi

Saturday 8th June 2019, 1.40am (day 2,844)

Airport taxi, 8/6/19

Back home. Such a grey and rainy day today, a total contrast with the last two days in Greece. So dull that I did not feel moved to take a picture at all between waking and sleeping: but I did get this one in the early hours as I waited for my taxi driver to get his parking token. Cars are intrinsically dull too, but that makes it representative.

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3 a.m. taxi

Saturday 9th January 2016, 3.00am (day 1,598)

Early morning taxi, 9/1/16

Although this is timed as very early in the morning, technically this the latest picture of all 1,598 so far — because this is still ‘Friday night’. Hey, it was a good evening… but you don’t get to see any pictures of it I’m afraid.

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Valley Taxis office

Friday 24th January 2014, 5.10pm (day 883)

Taxi office, 24/1/14

Very useful on some Friday nights, after you celebrate the end of the week at the pub, or possibly at the Moshi Monsters movie at the cinema next door.

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