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First class of the year (42 people)

Wednesday 11th September 2019, 10.05am (day 2,939)

HNAP session, 11/9/19

The first class of the year, which as it usually is, is with newly appointed Manchester staff and not students. Which is why it was not quite so hard to get them talking to each other. I am pretty sure there are 42 people on this shot, fitting nicely with the (long-outdated) title of the blog… and that without too much cropping (OK, I did a bit).

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Before the exam board, Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences

Thursday 27th October 2011, 11.00am (day 63)

Moscow School colleagues, 27/10/11

My last morning in Moscow today – though I’m returning in 6 weeks. I post this while awaiting my flight back to Manchester in Heathrow’s terminal 5. (‘Sympathy for the Devil’ is on the stereo, which makes the wait more bearable.)

I realised I had got through all my time here without a single actual person (Russian or not) appearing in the pictures so tried to rectify that today. Russians are a paradox. When you don’t know them – the severe woman who checks in your coat or bag, the guy who approaches you and hassles you on the street – they can be phenomenally rude. But when you know or work with them they are among the friendliest and most helpful people I know. There is something deep in their national psyche that closes up to strangers, I guess, and you should feel privileged to be admitted to the bosom. It probably explains a lot about their national history.

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