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The second most dominant lifeform in the downtown Toronto area

Saturday 16th October 2021, 11.45am (day 3,705)

Toronto squirrel, 16/10/21

At one level this is a cheap rodent shot, but it does epitomise a particular feature of Toronto’s urban scene — because there are thousands, tens of thousands perhaps, of these critters around every tree and greenish space in the city. They’re all brown, too, rather than grey (as most of the UK’s squirrels are) or red (as a very few of them are). If anything, this example is uncharacteristically pale compared to his city brethren. Either way they’re lining themselves up as the runner-up species locally, I’m telling you.

Last day in Toronto. Home tomorrow, as long as my government decides to let me back into the country.

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Cheap squirrel shot (campus)

Thursday 14th January 2021, 11.05am (day 3,430)

Campus squirrel, 14/1/21

Cheap this may be, but ths squirrel was virtually posing for the camera, if a little nervously. It was one of the few signs of life on campus today, or even in the whole of Manchester.

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Out on a morning forage

Friday 29th May 2020, 8.20am (day 3,200)

Squirrel, 29/5/20

It’s a bit out of focus but this was taken with a very long zoom and squirrels move damn fast, particularly up trees. The light’s good, though. This is the earliest shot in a day for three months, which isn’t saying much, but that’s life under house arrest for you.

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Squirrel portrait

Friday 10th April 2020, 2.05pm (day 3,151)

Squirrel, 10/4/20

More fauna: it came down to a choice between this rodent and a butterfly today, as nature gets on with its stuff while we’re all stuck at home. I like this squirrel’s happy little face — it looks a bit like the way aliens are often depicted, with its big eyes and pointy nose.

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Mancunian squirrel

Thursday 21st November 2019, 12.20pm (day 3,010)

Manchester squirrel, 21/11/19

This squirrel and I were both out for a lunch break on campus today. He (or she) was busy gathering materials for the winter — I was trying to avoid work as much as possible. (But only for that 20 minutes.)

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Rodent in Tavistock Square

Thursday 22nd March 2018, 3.05pm (day 2,401)

Tavistock squirrel, 22/3/18I could have picked a photo to epitomise my day in London, which was spent entirely in one meeting room in the Friends’ Meeting House near Euston. A productive meeting generally, but not photographically.

So instead let’s go with the cute rodent…. Squirrel!

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Monday 15th December 2014, 12.40pm (day 1,208)

Squirrel foraging, 15/12/14

Day trip down South for my annual appearance at the Rose Bruford College exam board. A year ago tomorrow I snapped one of Lamorbey Park’s colony of parakeets, here is another resident of that green space. I did have a carefully composed urban scene taken outside King’s Cross as well, but I’ve done a few of those lately, so let’s go with the cute foraging rodent.

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London squirrel

Monday 28th April 2014, 10.15am (day 977)

London squirrel, 28/4/14

Day trip to London today, for a meeting — left home at 6am and was coming into King’s Cross at 10. This chap was foraging in St George’s Gardens, a small public park set up by the Victorians on the site of an old cemetery, in what is now Bloomsbury (so we move from St George’s Square yesterday to St George’s Gardens). It was not as fearless as some of the squirrels in the more touristy parks, so needed a longish zoom to capture, but then again it did not seem particularly bothered by my presence either, which is one reason why these creatures do so well in London I guess.


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Caught stealing

Friday 27th July 2012, 9.50am (day 337)

Thieving squirrel, 27/7/12

Oh, you are so busted, my little rodent friend.

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