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Sunday 23rd July 2017, 2.20pm (day 2,159)

Scavenging, 23/7/17

Spent a little while today watching this bird (probably a jackdaw although I have given up trying to identify these species accurately) working out how it could get at the bounty inside this rubbish skip with its marginally open lid. This was the moment of triumph.

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Skip in alley, Chinatown

Wednesday 10th May 2017, 3.20pm (day 2,085)

Chinatown alley, 10/5/17

Normally, litter bins of various kinds are the bane of photographic composition (along with cars, telegraph wires and lamp-posts). But just occasionally one flowers into attractiveness, as here, I hope. Another beautiful spring day with excellent light, I hope this lasts a while.

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Skip wagon

Wednesday 1st February 2017, 12.45pm (day 1,987)

Battered skip, 1/2/17

This extremely battered old skip wagon was parked outside my house all day, presumably being used by the builders working two doors along, but if their scaffolding is as knackered as their wagon, I wouldn’t trust it. Still, it was something to photograph in an otherwise dull day: I like the different textures, lines, it’s like a collage almost.

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Outside the ‘Inn on the Bridge’, Hebden Bridge

Tuesday 18th October 2011, 8.55am (day 54)

Skip in sunlight, 18/10/11

The light was weird this morning – a burst of sunshine into a day that was otherwise pretty foul – so here’s a challenge: can it make even an industrial skip, full of waste, look photogenic?

Hell yeah. It can.

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