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Nanyang Technological University campus

Friday 29th March 2019, 2.45pm (day 2,773)

NTU, Singapore, 29/3/19

Last day in Singapore before I move on once more on this spring tour of Asia. Nanyang Technological University, or NTU, becomes the latest campus to feature on the blog. It’s a pleasant green space, though with that generic feel that many campuses — and, in the end, the whole world — is starting to have. This is one of those shots that would be nicer if it were truly symmetrical, but I guess that level of symmetry happens only rarely, so perhaps I should embrace the nearness of it, its imperfections in that respect.

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The Singapore River and Boat Quay

Thursday 28th March 2019, 1.30pm (day 2,772)

Singapore, Boat Quay, 28/3/19

Boat Quay is that bit of Singapore that you come to if you are happy to be enticed into one of at least thirty pubs, cafes and/or restaurants that line the riverside: the corrugated iron rooves that cover the al-fresco tables are clear on this shot, taken from 33 floors up. It’s a good-looking city in fact: and far more attractive than Dubai.

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Transit lounge, Changi airport, Singapore

Friday 25th January 2013, 5.05pm [Singapore time] (day 519)

Transit lounge, Changi, 25/1/13

A 2-day journey through the global lymphatic system that is the air travel network, largely on night flights, is never going to produce great photography, so here’s my attempt to encapsulate this day of pure transit: me trying to keep myself busy in the good-value transit lounge in Changi airport. It gets another country onto the blog – Singapore – but in the most mundane way. Australia tomorrow…

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