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Early morning, Manchester

Wednesday 21st November 2018, 7.20am (day 2,645)

Royal Exchange arcade, 21/11/18

It’s becoming harder to crank myself up in the mornings to get the 06:32 — best train it might be, when I need to pull an early start at work, but it’s now still dark even when it deposits me in Manchester city centre, a state of affairs which will last until into February. Some places have the lights on at that time, but by no means all. This should be the last of a run of a couple of months spent only in England, but I’m off somewhere else for a few days tomorrow.

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All on our way to work: Royal Exchange Arcade, Manchester

Tuesday 10th January 2012, 7.45am (day 138)

Arcade with pigeon, 10/1/12

Same train in so I pass through the same parts of Manchester at the same time. Off I go to work one way, this guy goes a second way, the bird goes a third. I wonder if pigeons sometimes wake up in the morning with a headache, and just don’t feel very much into the day, but set off anyway through a sense of obligation.

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