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The Parkinson Building, University of Leeds

Saturday 20th October 2018, 8.50pm (as you can see) (day 2,613)

Parkinson building, 20/10/18

A Saturday night out in Leeds. However, there are no photos of that, thanks to fascist doormen who seemed to be worried that my Mario Testino-style gear (cost of camera, £250) would somehow be a threat to image rights the world over. So here, instead, is the architectual centrepiece of the place where, many years ago — 25 this year, in fact (good grief) — I first came as a student. It’s still a cool building. And all in all a nicer campus than the one I presently work on (sorry, Manchester, but it’s true).

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The Alma Mater: Parkinson Court, the University of Leeds

Thursday 2nd February 2012, 12.05pm (day 161)

Parkinson Court, 2/2/12

Alma Mater (noun): ‘The school, college or university that one attended. ORIGIN [17th Cent]: (in the general sense of someone providing nourishment): Latin, literally ‘Bounteous Mother’.

I was here from 1993 until I achieved my doctorate in 2001, then I worked here until 2005. I’ve not been back much since, but I was here today for a meeting. Nice to see it again. They say ‘never go back’, but sometimes you should do.

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