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Jomo Kenyatta airport, early morning

Friday 11th July 2014, 6.25am (day 1,051)

Nairobi airport bar, 11/7/14

I only post this early when I’m travelling, and here’s the second really early one in a week. Nairobi’s airport seems to have about fifty duty free shops and one bar/cafĂ©, this one. I like this shot, particularly as I wasn’t really giving it a great deal of thought, I just captured the bar scene randomly but I like the way he’s been caught. And I was only having a cup of tea. Honest, guv.

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Alessandra, at work

Thursday 10th July 2014, 3.30pm (day 1,050)

Alessandra at work, 10/7/14

Another nice reason to come to Nairobi is the presence of some of my distance learning students, including Alessandra, pictured here on the right, doing her stuff for her company, the Cultural Video Foundation — check out their web site, they do some amazing stuff. Here she is interviewing a local artist for another project. And yes, that is an old double-decker London bus in the background.


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Young elephants

Tuesday 8th July 2014, 11.50am (day 1,048)

Baby elephants, 8/7/14

I said yesterday I was off travelling somewhere, and here I am, on my second visit to Nairobi. It is for work (lucky me), but today was a morning off, so with my colleagues, we visited the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust just outside the city, where there is an orphanage for young and baby elephants. There are around 20 being cared for there, ranging from three months to a few years old. Some of them have lost their mothers to natural causes, but the majority are there because of human depredations. It’s a tourist attraction of course, but a very worthy one. No one needs ivory, for any reason at all.

I like this picture because of the apparently happy smile on the faces of both these youngsters. I was trying to get pictures without the crowd of people in the background (which I was, of course, part of) but here the just-visible heads give it a sense of scale, I think. May these children get the chance to grow to their maturity and live a full and happy life. What more can one ask of any living being.

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Ethiopian coffee goddess

Tuesday 15th January 2013, 9.55pm (day 509)

Ethiopian coffee goddess, 15/1/13

Last evening in Nairobi. We were taken out to this Ethiopian restaurant where, at the end of the meal, I had my first sip of coffee in about 18 years – having definitively given it up in favour of tea back in about 1995. Still, looking at this photo one might understand why I was persuaded to partake once again, even if just in a small way.

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21st Century Nun

Monday 14th January 2013, 2.00pm (day 508)

21st century nun, 14/1/13

In case you thought I was just here to soak up some rays (though it’s a valid reason to travel, I admit), this picture is taken at the KAPC campus, our collaborative partner here in Nairobi. Evidence that much of Africa has totally skipped the landline era and gone straight into mobile. I wonder how the world would be different if Alexander Graham Bell had tried using radio for his communications experiment instead of copper wiring.

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Monkey family, City Park, Nairobi

Saturday 12th January 2012, 4.30pm (day 506)

Monkey family, 12/1/13

First day in Nairobi. It’s only 5.30 as I post this but there’ll be no more photography today – flashing a digital camera around on a Saturday night in downtown Nairobi probably isn’t an advisable tactic. Anyway, the photo of the day has clearly already been won. Note the babies clutching to the chests of two of them (centre and right). The City Park in Nairobi was actually full of these critters, and probably the locals treat them as pests, but like the squirrels in public parks in the UK, they know when they’re on to a good thing with the tourists.

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