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Fresh ingredients

Sunday 3rd July 2022, 4.55pm (day 3,965)

Berries and rosemary, 3/7/22

Summer fruits and rosemary. All picked from the garden just before this picture was taken: and all eaten, one way or another, within an hour afterwards. Most enjoyable.

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Garden produce

Saturday 28th May 2016, 2.10pm (day 1,738)

Garden produce, 28/5/16

Not an exciting shot, because not an exciting day, sometimes you just have to hang around at home and get the chores done. Tomorrow won’t be any more eventful either. At least it gives me the chance to show how the garden has started producing: the leeks, mint, rhubarb, rosemary and kale you see here all went into dinner, in their different ways.

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