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Has it stopped raining yet?

Wednesday 20th January 2021, 3.25pm (day 3,436)

Very high water, 20/1/21

Two days of more-or-less constant rain and the Hebden Water looked like this in mid-afternoon. The general approach to flood defence here still seems to be, essentially, just cross your fingers and hope.

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High water, again

Monday 8th February 2016, 1.35pm (day 1,628)

High water, 8/2/16

No weather warnings have been issued and it seems to have stopped raining…. but recent events suggest that we should at least be wary when the river reaches this level. It’s not just about heavy rainfall, either. We should also blame the government — flooding isn’t caused by heavy rain, but by shitty decisions about land use, some of them stretching back centuries. Ah well, seeing as we’ve reached the ‘let’s cross our fingers and hope’ stage of flood prevention, let’s just do that.

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High water, Hebden Bridge

Tuesday 3rd January 2012, 8.45am (day 131)

High water, 3/1/12

2012 has been a very wet and windy year so far. This picture may look worse than it actually was – these small trees are pretty much on the edge of inundation most of the time anyway – but I hope it does capture the way the water was thundering down through the town this morning.

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