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Fishing in the Dee

Monday 23rd May 2022, 2.00pm (day 3,924)

Fishing in the Dee, 23/5/22

Aberdeen’s debut appearance on this blog was on 24th June 2015 with a picture of a bloke stood in the middle of the River Dee, presumably fishing. Six years and eleven months on, for all I know this is the same bloke, although he’s further downstream than before. Still, I stand by my first impression of that time: that this is a surprisingly attractive city, this river particularly: it’s hard to believe that this is very near the centre of a place with 200,000 inhabitants. The cars on the bridge are the only real hint of urbanity.

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You haven’t seen me

Sunday 13th February 2022, 8.45am (day 3,825)

Deer in woods, 13/2/22

An early start for me on this Sunday morning, for a walk that bagged me the County Tops of Kent and Greater London (which are very close together in case that sounds like a more significant expedition than it was). Not a great walk scenically, but redeemed by the sight of four deer in the woods. You try capturing these guys on camera, particularly if they know you’re there, which this one clearly does — but he tolerated my efforts for just long enough before scooting away to rejoin his gang.

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Watching me watching him

Friday 19th April 2019, 6.35am (day 2,794)

Deer, Mayroyd Lane, 19/4/19

Was up early to catch a train for a Good Friday walk in the Lake District. Had stupendous weather and lots of nice photos from that will eventually appear on my other blog. But today’s picture isn’t from among them, because this one needs to be seen…. A deer, a very young stag (going on those first brave attempts at antlers), on the side road that parallels the canal for a little while, by the railway station. Astonishing sight so close to town, 6.35 in the morning or not. We both stood stock still for a while staring at each other and he decided he would let me get the camera out. Then he trotted off back down the road — I hope to safety.

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Watching the deer watching me

Friday 26th May 2017, 12.40pm (day 2,101)

Deer on Tarn Crag, 26/5/17

Dropping down from Sergeant Man to Tarn Crag, in Easdale in the Lake District, I saw ahead a small herd of young deer, about three hundred yards ahead. I stopped to get the camera out. They stopped and looked at me for a while; I mean, look at this picture, they clearly know I’m there. They sized me up. I sized them up. Got a few shots. Then off they went, to do whatever they do during the daytime, and I carried on my way. Everyone was satisfied with the transaction I think.

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Deer, near Humphrey Head

Saturday 17th December 2016, 12.50pm (day 1,941)

Deer, 17/12/16

Celebrated the first day of my Christmas break by doing what I often do, go for a walk in Cumbria. But this was not ‘fellwalking’ by any stretch of the imagination: not in the National Park today, even. This picture is taken in the flat hinterlands by Morecambe Bay. Though a bit fuzzy, it’ll do I think — I like its painting-like quality. And anyway, you try taking a picture of deer, particularly when they know you’re there (as these three clearly do) — and through the mist, too.

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Bucks and does

Tuesday 13th October 2015, 11.35am (day 1,510)

Bucks and does, 13/10/15

I’m sure there are lots of things that could be better about this picture, but hey, it ain’t easy to capture wild red deer in England — there really aren’t very many of them, and they really don’t like people. This was my best attempt. I like the way the two bucks are clearly keeping an eye out for anyone who might be messin’ with their does, so to speak.

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Deer skulls

Wednesday 6th August 2014, 7.50pm (day 1,077)

Deer skulls, 6/8/14

I see no reason to explain this shot. It’s just an image I liked.

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